We Repair all Phones including iPhones, iPads, and Tablets.

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Niagara’s #1 Choice for Cell Phone Repair of broken or damaged cell phones in the Niagara region.

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We specialize in screen repairs on phones. We do repairs on all cellular phones iPhone and HTC as well as all Apple Phones and iPad. 
  • Cracked screen replacement iPads, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.
  • Water damage repair for iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.
  • Battery replacement on iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.
  • Cell phone / PDA Speaker and Microphone Repairs
  • No speaker sound, Crackle Noise, Buzzing sound, No vibrate repairs
  • Cell phone Charging issues, Charging Port repair
  • Faulty Keypads and button repair
  • Volume keys, Power button, hang up button repairs
  • Network issues/calls dropping Low signal, call drops, incoming call disconnects, Roaming signal issues
  • Low GPS signal repair
  • text messing issue repair
  • Camera freeze, white balance repair
  • Memory error when saving pictures

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Fixing cell phones in Niagara is what we do. if we don’t happen to have the parts, We are partnered with various cell phone suppliers around who might just happen to have the part you need. finding a Cell phone repair store in Niagara that can actually help you is a hard thing, we can help you find your part and your solution. Cell Phone repair near me
iPhone repair near me Cell Phone Repair in Welland, Ontario

577 Niagara Street in Welland.