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Phone screen repair for all phone models such as iPhone and Google Pixel as well as all Apple products and iPads.


With over 500 Google Reviews speaking to our great service, and the only Computer Company Partnered with crime stoppers – Your Device is in the best of hands.

We are the only Computer Store in Niagara Partnered with Crime Stoppers – Your Phone is Safe. We never change a deal after it’s made! – We give the price and stick to it. We don’t lie or exaggerate; We give the flat-out Diagnostic and solution for a moderate fee – This is the business model.  We don’t upsell anything; unless it’s required for the proper operation of the unit, computer, Laptop, or other. – We suggest and inform you – You then ultimately decide what you want to do.

We are the best for a reason, We say that in the most non-bragging way possible. We do more, go further, and spend more time than anyone else does with their customers. – The relationship after the sale is important. not the sale. The Solutions we offer make sense and are efficient in time and money. – You cant ask for anything better; if you could we would provide that.

Cell Phone Screen Repair Pricing

Apple iPhone Price
iPhone 5/C/S $75
iPhone 6 $75
iPhone 6+ $80
iPhone 6S $80
iPhone 6S+ $85
iPhone 7 $80
iPhone 7+ $85
iPhone 8 $80
iPhone 8+ $85
iPhone X $165
iPhone XR $155
iPhone XS $180
iPhone XS Max $220
iPhone 11 $145
iPhone 11 Pro $265
iPhone 11 Pro Max $420
Apple iPad Digitzer Price
iPad 2 $95
iPad 3/4 $95
iPad Air/iPad $100
iPad 2018(6th) $110
iPad 10.2 (7th 2019) $135
iPad mini 1 $100
iPad mini 2 $100
iPad mini 3 $100
Apple iPad LCD Price
iPad 2/3/4 $100
iPad Air/iPad 5th $160
iPad 6th 2018 $160
iPad 7th 2019 $315
iPad mini 1/2/3 $145
iPad mini 4 $200
iPad mini 5 $225
iPad Air 2 $210
iPad Air 3 $275
iPad Pro 9.7″ $250
iPad Pro 10.5″ $315
iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st Gen) $400
iPad Pro 12.9″ (2nd Gen) $775
iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd/4th Gen) $645
iPad Pro 11″ $530
Samsung Galaxy S Series Price
Samsung S5 $140
Samsung S6 $200
Samsung S6 Edge $230
Samsung S7 $205
Samsung S7 Edge $250
Samsung S8 $290
Samsung S8+ $330
Samsung S9 $310
Samsung S9+ $340
Samsung S10E $310
Samsung S10 $460
Samsung S10+ $485
Samsung S20 $490
Samsung S20+ $490
Samsung S20 FE $320
Samsung S20 Ultra $520
Samsung S21 $430
Samsung S21+ $480
Samsung S21 Ultra $550
Samsung Galaxy A Series Price
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 $195
Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 $195
Samsung Galaxy A20 $180
Samsung Galaxy A50 $190
Samsung Galaxy A51 $230
Samsung Galaxy A70 $235
Samsung Note Series Price
Samsung Note 8 $340
Samsung Note 9 $350
Samsung Note 10 $400
Samsung Note 10+ $420

*These prices are subject to change without notice and Include Labour*
  • Cracked screen replacement iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.
  • Water damage repair for iPads, iPhones, and Samsung phones and tablets.
  • Battery replacement on iPads, iPhones, and Samsung phones and tablets.
  • Cell phone / PDA Speaker and Microphone Repairs
  • No speaker sound, Crackle Noise, Buzzing sound, No vibrate repairs
  • Cell phone Charging issues, Charging Port repair
  • Faulty Keypads and button repair
  • Volume keys, Power button, hang up button repairs
  • Network issues/calls dropping Low signal, call drops, incoming call disconnects, Roaming signal issues
  • Low GPS signal repair
  • text messing issue repair
  • Camera freeze, white balance repair
  • Memory error when saving pictures iPad Repair | Screen Repair | Near me | Cell Phone Repair

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