Ipod Repair

Free Repair Quote

Our risk-free diagnostic service is a great option if you’d like us to evaluate your IPod and provide a repair quote.

We fix broken screens, cracked glass, busted LCD displays, faulty digitizers, and everything in between. If your IPod screen is damaged in any way, we’ll install a top quality replacement for the lowest price.

IPod Headphone Jack Replacement

Experiencing a lack of sound in one ear or both? Is your lock switch broken or you only hear static? If so, visit our IPod headphone jack replacement page so you can enjoy better audio.

IPod Backplate Replacement

The need for backplate replacement can be the result of a variety of different factors. Common reasons include: scratches, dents, bends, engraving removal, color conversion, etc. See our great selection of IPod back cover replacements.

IPod Battery Replacement

If your IPod suffers from a shorter battery life, doesn’t retain a charge, or dies immediately without the AC adapter, we can help. Our IPod battery replacement can restore full power so you can avoid recharging so often.

IPod Hard Drive Repair

A visit from the ‘IPod Sad Face’ or ‘Red X Error’ often signifies a hard drive malfunction. Other signs include: iTunes errors, corruption messages, skipping, and freezing.

IPod Faceplate Replacement

IPod Faceplate Replacement If the front panel of your IPod is scratched, scuffed, or suffers any type of cosmetic imperfection, this is what you need. Nothing reveals the age of your IPod quicker than a worn-out faceplate, so let us refurbish your facing so it looks new again.

IPod Logic Board Replacement

A damaged logic board is the common result of an iPod that’s overheated or been introduced to liquid. If your iPod is completely dead or suffers from water damage,this is the service you’ll likely require.